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Retro Snacking

What started out to be an average, lazy-Saturday-night-waiting-for-SNL-to-start munch fest of Puffed (not my normal choice) Cheetos, turned quickly into a big “hmmmm” moment…whatever happened to Flings? I remember my sister Marcia and I fighting over the box, and particularly while we were on family camping trips in the Krown Pop-Up Camper which we spent most of our summer months in (note to self…find those ads next).

These must have been a special treat, because I don’t remember having them in the house. We were quite spoiled on those trips. The normal “1 pop/soda a day” rule flew out the camper screened window, and the 2 liters flowed endlessly. The munching was encouraged. Probably because these were vacations for my parents as well. I’m sure Ken and Gail were looking to break away from their everyday routine as well. Doesn’t vacation bring out that adventurous eater in us all? It’s a perfect time to say f-it…bring on the sweets, grease and starches we feel so guilty about in our everyday life. Elephant ears, fried Snickers bars, cotton candy, Mackinaw fudge, delish! We’ll get back to the guilt in a week or so…bring on the beautiful meat flavored treats with cheese dusting NOW!








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