For as long as I can remember, I’ve been ripping out pages of magazines, taping them to walls and displaying them as art. So many of those formative magazines, particularly “Andy Warhol’s Interview”, were my first glimpse into the world past the corn and sugar beet fields and small-town upbringing I experienced in mid-Michigan. I had always been one of those kids buried in a book, but upon finding those monthly tomes, I was given the an ever-evolving, layered energy from so many cities and cultures around the world. Music, design, travel, art, fashion, politics, literature, ideas, media, all served up fresh on a monthly basis…pure vernacular heaven.

Their influence were instrumental in my pursuing design (graphic, interior, photography, environmental) as a career choice. This is an homage to those same ideals, past and present, because design IS beautiful and design DOES sell.


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